Full-time Faculty

George C. Yao

Architectural Structure / Distinguished Professor

Architectural Structure / Distinguished Professor


Ph.D., University of Buffalo, USA
M.S., Georgia Institute of Technology, USA
B.S., National Taiwan University, Taipei Taiwan


Distinguished Professor, National Cheng Kung University
Caltrans of California, USA
John Portman & Assoc., USA

Laboratory for Earthquake Safety of Nonstructural Elements / LESNE

Over the years, in LESNE, the characteristics and seismic resistance of non-structure elements were the main research topics which include important functional components in hospitals and the earthquake damage analysis of library shelves in domestic universities. Recently, LESNE is devoted to the research of vertical vibration characteristics and seismic performance of ceiling.

A Study on Vertical Floor Amplification Factor and Resonant Amplification Factor of General Buildings

In this study, the acceleration time history data of general building type from The Central Weather Bureau in Taiwan were analyzed to find the vertical acceleration relationship between base and top-floor and to discuss the floor acceleration amplification and the resonant amplification factor (RAF) of top-floor. In addition, the system identification method was used in this study to analyze the strong motion station data, and try to find out the characteristics of the vertical acceleration amplification ratio and natural frequency of buildings. The vertical acceleration response spectrums were normalized to analyze the RAF of top-floor, and the final results were compared with the horizontal acceleration formula of Taiwan and USA building codes to regress an experience formula.

A Study of Seismic Behavior of Metal-striped Ceiling in Taiwan

In the 2013 Renai earthquake, several ceilings collapsed in Ruifeng junior high school and might injure people. However, CNS standard only contains information on concealed suspended ceilings.. Therefore, the seismic performances of the metal strip ceiling were examined by experiments in this study.